Vitthal Rukmini Mandir Pandharpur Special Darshan Ticket

Vitthal Rukmini Pandharpur Darshan With Stay

Vitthal Rukmini Pandharpur Darshan With Stay




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Vitthal Rukmini Pandharpur Darshan With Stay


The main entrance of Lord Vittala’s Temple is facing towards the Chandrabhaga or Bhima river. samadhi of Namadev and Chockamela is at the entrance. Pilgrims will first pray to the Devotees and then enter the temple. A small ganesh Shrine is present inside the temple as first Shrine. Then, a small hall where bhajans are performed. A small Shrine for Guruda and Hanuman facing Lord is in the same hall. Then, after climbing a few steps, we can see the face of Lord Vittala. We can have this Mukha Darshan any time without standing in Queue. For, Padha Darshan (To touch the Lotus Feet of Lord), there is an entrance which leads to the queue complex outside the temple. It will lead to many small shrines of Bhaktas, then towards the Lord Panduranga. We can touch the feet of Lord. We feel best when we touch the Lord’s Lotus feet. There are Shrines for Rukmini Devi,sathyabhama Devi, Radhika Devi, Lord Narasimha  Lord Venkateshwara  Goddess Mahalakhmi Nagaraj Ganesha,Annapoorna Devi. There is another mandap where all devotees play like Krishna had played with Gopikas. It is a great experience.


  • Special Darshan Tickets.
  • Budget Accomoation in Pandharpur.


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